Circular, lightweight solutions for a sustainable infrastructure


Climate change has created major challenges for municipalities, provincial authorities and private parties when it comes to the construction and replacement of infrastructure solutions. Extended dry spells are alternated with flooding. In many areas, soft soil issues result in damage to property and extra maintenance. What’s more: emissions pose a serious threat to public health. And quite a few officials are wracking their brains on how to best process a mountain of plastic waste.

Working from a new perspective on infrastructure solutions, PlasticRoad has developed a product series that takes on these complex, modern-day challenges. You can use PlasticRoad’s climate-adaptive and circular elements to construct bike paths, footpaths, parking lots and squares. PlasticRoad offers a comprehensive solution for flooding, harmful emissions, plastic waste and soft soil. A road, temporary water storage and drainage – all rolled into one climate-adaptive and circular structure. Our products form the perfect answer to the sustainability requirements of today.