Circular and modular

made from recycled plastic

PlasticRoad consists of circular and modular elements made from recycled plastic. The building blocks contain a deck, substructure and a retaining profile. The rainwater is channelled via a spillway to an overflow, from where it drains into the hollow space of the elements. During heavy showers, these cavities in the substructure can efficiently store the excess water. This contributes to a healthy water cycle in the soil. The retaining profile stops the road elements from drifting to the surface, while porous geotextile allows the water to drain into the substrate via natural infiltration.

The road surface consists of a lightweight deck, which has been topped with a wearing course that offers sufficient grip for traffic on the road. This top layer also prevents the structure from releasing microplastics, since it is completely shielded from direct contact with either the sun or road traffic.



The deck is fixed to the road with a snap connection. As a result, it is very easy to replace at the end of its 30-year useful service life. The substructure has an expected service life of 50 years, meaning it remains in use some time longer before it is up for replacement.

The modular elements are circular, easy to recycle and low maintenance since the plastic is highly resistant to erosion. Installing and removing individual elements is simple thanks to PlasticRoad’s snap connectors. No separate subbase required: the elements can be laid directly on the sand bed. And with its ample water storage capacity, PlasticRoad is also an attractive alternative to a dedicated storm sewer with connections and storm drains.

The advantages

of PlasticRoad

Prevent flooding and low water with a storage capacity of 300 litres per m2. The water storage cavities located directly below the road surface are able to accommodate extreme precipitation of up to 100 mm per hour, and even work as intended in areas with high groundwater levels (up to 40 cm below street level). The rainwater is channelled via a spillway to an overflow, from where it efficiently drains into the elements under the road surface.  The fully infiltrating elements then allow all the rainwater to gradually seep into the soil. This can prevent soil aridity during dry spells, as well as rot-induced damage to wood foundation piles.



The most lightweight application (48 kg per m2) in road construction. Since the elements can be positioned directly on the sand bed, there is no need to construct a conventional first foundation. Thanks to their low weight, there is less subsidence. This also make PlasticRoad exceptionally well suited for areas with soft soil.


Fully circular

Fully circular infrastructure that uses recycled plastic as a base material. At the end of their useful service life, elements can be recycled as a base material for new PlasticRoad elements. Modular structure facilitates optimised maintenance.


Quick, simple and efficient

Thanks to the modular structure of PlasticRoad’s prefab elements, their light weight and detachable connections, both construction and maintenance are significantly simpler, more efficient and up to 70% faster than with conventional road structures. The elements’ snap connectors mean that they can be installed and replaced as easily as Lego bricks. Positioning an element can be done in as little as one minute.


PlasticRoad literally gives you more room. The cavities just beneath the road surface can be used for water storage and to accommodate sensors and other measuring equipment. Ideal for absorbing extreme precipitation, or when you are required to create sufficient water storage in a new residential neighbourhood – where space often comes at a premium. The circular structure offers room for an endless array of technical applications: from sensors, cables and pipelines to charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Fewer emissions

Significantly smaller footprint. PlasticRoad is very low maintenance and can reduce the carbon emissions associated with road surfaces by up to 72% compared to conventional paving solutions thanks to its longer useful service life and significantly fewer transport runs during construction.

fewer transport runs
Less nuisance

Up to 80% fewer transport runs and up to 75% reduction in consumption of raw materials. PlasticRoad’s swift construction minimises nuisance for local residents and businesses. Moreover, its installation requires far less digging – both during and after construction. Since the substrate remains easy to access, cables and pipelines can always be quickly located.


Low maintenance

The PlasticRoad is virtually maintenance-free. In the event of incidental damage, broken or worn parts are easy to replace or repair separately.

recycling milestone
Solution for the problem of plastic waste

PlasticRoad forms a solution for the major issue of plastic waste. Much of the plastic that is currently still processed as waste, incinerated, dumped or exported can now be re-used in a far higher grade application and fed back into the chain in a circular process. Every m2of PlasticRoad incorporates 25.7 kg of  recycled plastic household waste.



PlasticRoad can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Footpaths
  • Parking spaces
  • Pavements
  • Platforms
  • Schoolyards
  • Playing fields and sports infrastructure



The Province of Overijssel and the Municipality of Zwolle were PlasticRoad’s launching customers. They jointly took the initiative to realise two trials with bike paths made from PlasticRoad elements. And these projects didn’t just yield positive data; the bike paths were also enthusiastically received by their users.

Sustainable infrastructure for our residents and smart use of space – that’s our main focus. To take this to the next level, you need to stick out your neck and strive to innovate. As municipal and provincial administrations, it’s great that we have had this opportunity to work together with innovative parties in our region,” say Bert Boerman, member of the Provincial Executive of Overijssel, and Deputy Mayor William Dogger of the Municipality of Zwolle.

PlasticRoad for you

Have we sparked your enthusiasm? And would you like to find out whether the PlasticRoad could be an interesting option for your project, street, parking lot or industrial site? Feel free to use our question-based tool, which can help you determine whether PlasticRoad might be the solution to your challenge.

Do you have a specific question about our product? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for further information about our concept, partners, the technical qualities of our product, sustainability, trial results and how we produce the PlasticRoad elements.