A circular and modular road

made from recycled plastic

The CCL series comprises various circular and modular elements made from recycled plastic. Its building blocks: a deck, substructure and a retaining profile. The rainwater is channelled via a spillway to an overflow, from where it drains into the underground elements. During heavy showers, these cavities in the substructure can efficiently store the excess water. This water then gradually infiltrates into the local subsoil, which promotes a healthy water cycle in the surrounding area. The retaining profile stops the road elements from drifting to the surface, while porous geotextile allows the water to drain into the substrate via natural infiltration.

As such, the CCL series is a truly future-proof solution. One that allows municipal authorities to effectively mitigate the consequences of climate change, in which we see more and more dry spells alternated by heavy rain – including in our crowded city centres.

Please note: Until early 2021, we undertook all our activities under the banner of PlasticRoad – which also served as the name of our product. In May 2021, we started referring to CCL elements (CCL = circular, climate adaptive en lightweight).

Deck with wearing course

The CCL products have a lightweight deck, which has been topped with a wearing course. This surface offers the required grip for cars and other road users. This wearing course consists of a thin aggregate layer, similar to the surfaces found on bridges and other structures. It is available in a range of colours and themes. This wearing course also prevents the structure from releasing microplastics, since the plastic is completely shielded from direct contact with road traffic. Consequently, it isn’t subject to wear. Moreover, the plastic element is protected from sunlight so it does not degrade due to UV exposure. This contributes to the product’s