The first PlasticRoad in the world is a fact since 2018. The PlasticRoad has been applied in the Dutch city Zwolle. The Deventerstraatweg is the exact location for this first pilot project. This pilot was established in collaboration with two clients: the province of Overijssel and the municipality of Zwolle. At this exact location, the PlasticRoad helped to solve a recurring problem of flooding.

During heavy rainfall the Deventerstraatweg had been struggling with water problems. An excellent case to test the PlasticRoad with its water storage capacity in the hollow space. The project has been successful so far. With this pilot project, the PlasticRoad theory and the expected benefits were confirmed. Even during extreme showers, no rainwater remains on the bike path. At the highest water level measured, only half (48%) of the water storage capacity was needed.

Half a million bottle caps

The first PlasticRoad endured all conditions and heavy loads it was faced with since the installation in 2018. In addition, we achieved carbon savings of at least 52% compared to a traditional bicycle path. The contribution of the product in reducing plastic waste is substantial.  This 30-meter-long bike path contains the amount of plastic equal to 218,000 plastic cups or half a million plastic bottle caps.