PlasticRoad sets very strict requirements for the connectors of the CCL elements. They should not only firmly link the different elements but also have a certain degree of elasticity that allows them to accommodate expansion and contraction. The connectors also ensure that the road surface remains level. In addition, they shouldn’t impede the swift replacement of elements where required. And finally, they need to be manufactured according to a fully circular production process. After numerous designs, calculations, prototypes and field tests, we were able to develop a unique connector that satisfies each of these requirements. This connector was subsequently developed further, based on input from the trials in Zwolle, Giethoorn and Mexico City. The result is a robust yet user-friendly design – one that furthermore simplifies the installation of the road itself. What’s more: using a specially developed attachment, elements can be removed without actually damaging the connector. This means that elements can be fully recycled at the end of their service life.