In 2013, Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma embarked on a quest within KWS to develop a new approach to road construction – one that effectively addresses the challenges of the 21st century. Over 100 years after Hendrik Boesewinkel revolutionised Dutch road construction by taking the first steamroller into operation, KWS presented a concept that will allow the sector to once again enter a new phase. Jorritsma and Koudstaal arrived at their concept after reflecting on the existing and future challenges faced both by municipalities, provinces, water boards and contractors and by KWS itself: plastic waste, extreme precipitation, subsidence, a growing need for transport, soil that needs to accommodate a growing range of functions and increasingly stringent infrastructure regulations. KWS also observed that clients themselves set more and more requirements for their roads: a longer useful service life, shorter construction times, less maintenance, stricter sustainability requirements and a more attractive business case. The search for solutions to these challenges inspired the development of the PlasticRoad concept. While you may move quicker on your own, you can actually travel farther together – which is why KWS has also entered into several strategic partnerships in order to further develop the product line. Drawing on its in-house expertise, Wavin has contributed various crucial features that helped transform the basic concept into a real-life product. Marcel Jager and his team bear responsibility for this part of the venture.