The substructure of the CCL elements has a technical service life of 50 years. The wearing course is expected to last for 20 years, although this estimate still needs to be confirmed in practice. This expected lifespan is based on multiple tests, as well as practical experience gained by PlasticRoad over the years. It is further substantiated by:

  • The results of the trial projects and data collected via the installed sensors. These indicate an excellent performance that is in line with expectations.
    • The results of extensive lifespan tests that were performed both internally and by third parties.

    • Lifespan tests in a lab setting (Netherlands Aerospace Centre)
    • Static pressure tests at Wavin T&I
    • Finite element analyses
    • Field tests of the elements’ lifespan in partnership with the University of Limoges (AVRUL)
  • FEM analyses/calculation models based on test results.
  • Wavin’s years of experience and extensive expertise in the field of plastic products.
  • The production process. The manufacture of all PlasticRoad elements as prefab parts under controlled conditions enables strict quality assurance.