Multi-purpose use of the available space

We deal with a wide range of challenges in the public space. Space today is scarce and comes at a mounting cost. The CCL elements can accommodate multiple functions in a single unit, enabling planners to arrange public space in new – and more efficient – ways. Our products present a comprehensive solution for paving, water storage and drainage, traffic monitoring with SMART sensors and even underground cables.

Sustainable and circular design

We give municipal plastic waste – most of which is still incinerated or ends up in a landfill – a new life as a raw material for our products. In a high-grade, fully circular application that is based on 100% recycled polypropylene. At the end of their useful service life, all plastic parts can be recycled as a base material for new CCL elements. These low-maintenance elements cut CO₂ emissions by up to 72% compared to conventional road structures.


We are experiencing more and more extended dry spells, alternated with heavy rainfall. This results in water shortages and soil subsidence in the public space, which in turn lead to structural damage, high maintenance costs and other expenses. The CCL series can be used to collect rainwater, which gradually infiltrates into the local subsoil after the shower. The collected water can also be filtered during this process. This local infiltration contributes to a natural water cycle and counters aridification. The elements’ integrated water storage cavities have a capacity of 300 litres per m².

Simple to construct, manage and maintain

Thanks to the components’ long service life and modular format, our CCL solutions are considerably more appealing in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than conventional solutions. The CCL elements are virtually maintenance-free and take 70% less time to install and maintain than conventional infrastructure. Moreover, the products require 80% less transport movements and up to 75% less raw materials for their manufacture. With a mass of approximately 40 kg per m², they rank as the lightest paving structure in the world.

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